Fang Friends

and their fangtastic adventures

16 October 1979
My name is Calamity J. I have dedicated my life to the ultimate truth that everything and everybody looks better drawn with vampire teeth - pointy, curved, dentured, capped, cavity ridden, overbitten, underbitten, sparkling white, mossy, cracked, knocked out, rotten, gold, silver, porcelin, floride-coated, bridged or otherwise.

I've assembled this handy FAQ for your reference:
Q: What is the meaning behind your drawings?
A: That I want to get rich, party with Paris Hilton and partake in interstellar space travel.

Q: Do you believe in a higher power?
A: As long as that higher power is me, myself and I. Or a vampire. I might get behind the Born Again Vampire movement.

Q: Are you, like, totally high when you draw these?
A: Not so far. Are you offering to share?

Q: What are your sources of inspiration?
A: Killing time.

Q: How would you describe your drawings?
A: Renaissance meets Rococo.

Q: When are you going to upload like, more complex drawings?
A: When you send me fan mail. I’m a famewhore, and your admiration is what I crave.

Q: Do you have political aspirations?
A: Are you offering to champagne my campaign?

Q: Do you have a job?
A: Last time I checked, yes. But my addiction to drawing vampires could change all that.

Q: Are you single?
A: That depends mostly on your financial situation, somewhat on the number of vampires in your social circle and, to a small extent, your ability / willingness to waste exorbitant amounts of time shooting the shit.

Q: Why don’t you ever draw zombies?
A: Zombie models are scarce in this area of the country, and they just unionized in order to demand higher commissions. If you are a non-unionized zombie, do get in touch.

Q: Can I post your stuffs somewhere else on the internets?
A: Sure. Just please give me credit. Ms. Calamity J. wants to represent.

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